Is education important? We all agree that it is essential. But how should we educate?

Saturday, 25 February 2023 04:20

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The conference presented by Patricia Peterson Fontenay, President and Founder of Montessori Consulting France, while in Antananarivo, and the creation of a Montessori School - Maison des Enfants in Madagascar, are both major events for our organisation. They are tangible actions for a quality Education for all, included in our plan for 2023. 

Is education important? We all agree that it is essential. But how should we educate?

Some definitions of the word "Education" proposed by writers, sociologists, philosophers, people who have contributed to the recognition of Education as a "Science" may help us to find an answer to this crucial question.

- Durkheim, a French sociologist, says that Education is: "The action exercised by the adult generations on those who are not yet mature for social life".

- According to Kant, German philosopher: "There are seeds of good in man from which he must develop in order to improve himself, to cultivate himself and, if he is bad, to develop his own morality".

- According to Rousseau, the French writer and philosopher: "The child must learn, because as an adult he must be able to live by himself".

Maria Montessori's scientific approach is based on observation. The child being placed in a "prepared environment" learns by himself.

This process calls for thought, listening, questioning and exchange. The concept of education is a polysemous word, associated with a number of different representations: school, childhood, youth, family, courtesy, behaviour, knowledge acquisition. Education now applies to all moments of life. We must accompany the child from the earliest age towards autonomy, allow him to express what he feels and hear him, accept to hear him and take pleasure in exchanging with him. Communication and respect in both directions are obviously essential. Because one of the keys to success is self-confidence.

The Montessori method is a scientific pedagogy adapted for all children from all backgrounds and all countries. There are 25,000 schools around the world today.

A second and final session of the conference on "Montessori Pedagogy explained to parents” is being held on the same EDUCATION FOR MADAGASCAR campus this Saturday 25 February at 13.00, in preparation for the opening of AKA Montessori Madagascar,  Akanin'ny Kilonga that means the children's home. This new school will be dedicated to the disadvantaged children of the village of Ambohibe Antananarivo Madagascar. The opening of the school is already being prepared.

Nathalie Rakoto Randriantsoa

Education For Madagascar