To relieve poverty in Madagascar




Goals and objectives

Why ?     

Music education fosters creativity, learning skills, communication ability, group dynamics, cultural awareness, respect for others, self-discipline and self-esteem through personal achievement.

Chess practice enhances the development of analytical skills, such as problem solving, decision making, reasoning, and creative thinking. It also helps to improve general cognitive abilities and academic performance, with a clear focus on mathematics.

Learning a foreign language open the door to the World. Through immersion, podcasts, books and interaction with native speakers, children will find ways to achieve their language goal. This perseverance and determination will apply to all areas of life.

Vision and statement

Where do we go? What will it be like when we get there?


We have provided children and young adults in our Ambohibe Antananarivo Center with various musical instruments, board games, strategy plays, art materials, tablets with supervision.

Over time, each child takes charge of the workshops with a minimal amount of instruction given, guided by a staff member. The freedom to choose an activity is a key factor in motivating children to engage in this choice.

Mission and statement

What is our approach, what path do we follow?

Kanto means "Culture" in malagasy. This programme designed for 7 to 12 years old children takes place every Saturday. Culture in the broadest sense covers the improvement of modern languages and their practice. French and Malagasy are spoken so that everyone can become fluent in the two official languages of Madagascar, but also English for an opening to the world. We teach music, piano, violin and voice as well.Through entertainment, practice, tournaments and rehearsals, a spirit of community, organisation and even a spirit of excellence is shaped.

There is no competition in Art, instead, progress is made as one strives. The development of the individual as a human being is our goal, achieving the utmost from one session to the following one.

In every child there is an artist,

the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso.

For 7-12 years old

When : Every Saturday

Every Day during the holidays

Where : Ambohibe Ilafy Antananarivo

Before the acquisition of a piano, the children played to the beat on old cans. The music sounds like the one played in the slums of Brazil. We later acquired four violins, two guitars and the weekly celebrations continue. Today, every birthday is celebrated in song, with two guitars and three different vocal tones.

Kanto project

Hay Hay Hay - Mahaleo cover

Music class 2022

Holy Night, Christmas 2021

Chess Tournament 2022

Hay (6), izao vao tsapanao tokoa

Fa mafy ny fiainana

Hay (5), mafaitra

Ny mikaroka ny soa

Rehefa tsisy ny hitarainana

Fony mbola teo i dada sy i neny

Tsy nohenoina akory raha niteny

Sy mba nanahanatranatra…

Eee raha mahatsiaro ireo taloha

Mila ho vaky teo re ny loha

Fa tsy misy ny atokona

Ny manodidina ahy toa ngazana

Nahoana no mitokona

Hay (5), mafy izany tsy mba mitafy

Afa-tsy ankanjo rovitra

Hay, rehefa tsy eo koa i neny,

Dia tsy maintsy mihafy

Na dia noana sy mangovitra.

Eee raha mahatsiaro ireo taloha

Mila ho vaky teo re ny loha

Fa tsy misy ny atokona

Ny manodidina ahy toa ngazana

Ny totohondry no avokona

Eee raha mahatsiaro ireo taloha

Mila ho vaky teo re ny loha

Hay (6), now you really feel it

That life is hard

Hay (5), tough

To seek for good

When there is no one to complain to

When mom and dad were still alive

We didn't even listen when they spoke

And gave advice...

When you think about old days

I'm busting my hump

because there is nothing to cook

My surroundings seem barren

Why do they strike

Hay (5), it is hard having nothing to wear

Except  torn clothes

Well, when mom isn't there either,

Having no choice

Even though hungry and shivering.

When you think about old days

I'm busting my hump

But there is nothing to cook

My surroundings seem barren

I clenched the fist

When you think about old days

I'm busting my hump

The first three chess boards were donated four years ago, the children of Ambohibe village with neither electronic game devices nor expensive entertainment have become familiar with building a strategic and peaceful battle to attack the king of the opposing side. The in-house mini-tournament was honoured by the visit of our sponsor of our humble club with nonetheless  great potential.

Chess is one of the oldest, most intellectual and cultural games, combining sport, scientific thinking and elements of Art. As an affordable and inclusive activity, it can be exercised anywhere by all, across the barriers of language, age, gender, physical ability or social status. It’s a global game, promoting fairness, inclusion and mutual respect, and noting in this regard that it can contribute to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding among people.